Since the Rotary Club of Salida was chartered in May of 2000, we have
contributed generously to the Salida community.  I’d like to tell you story that
illustrates just a part of that contribution.

Imagine that we’re driving on Broadway Blvd and we’re just entering downtown
Salida.  There’s a sign that says “Salida Welcomes You.” (do I see a Rotary wheel
on there?)  We continue on down the street and notice the nice landscaping in the
median and the signs that remind you to slow down for our children (another
Rotary wheel.)  Then, we stop at the park and walk over to the new toddler
playground by way of the nice, 5-foot wide sidewalks and sit on the Rotary
benches to watch the children at play.  Little Johnny falls but he’s not hurt because
under the playground equipment there’s brand new rubber bark.  We look over
and see a family having a picnic on the lawn. The children in that family got here on
their new bikes that Santa brought last Christmas.  Without the mysterious gifts
that showed up at their house, that 8-person family would not have had a

In the ball park, Little League is starting to practice.  And there’s the team
sponsored by the
Rotary Club of Salida.  

The 6th-and 7th-graders tossing a Frisbee are in Youth-Act, a Rotary-sponsored
service club at Salida Middle School, where they’re learning the value of giving
back.  Their big sister won $125 in a speech contest last year and their high-
school cousin got a $1000 scholarship to help him go to college.  

The two high school students sitting on the bench are talking about applying to go
to RYLA, the Rotary-sponsored leadership camp for high school juniors.   One is
also considering going to Brazil on a Rotary Youth Exchange.

Sounds like a lot for one small community and one small Rotary club, doesn’t it?  
This story is fictitious, but it’s based on true events.  Every one of these
opportunities was made possible by the Rotary Club of Salida.  

And, this year, we are adding a drinking fountain to the park, and, we start a new
project that I hope we will continue every year.  We will be donating a high-quality,
hard-bound dictionary to each third-grader in the Salida Union School District.  It
will belong to the student and will be theirs to keep.

So, while the
Rotary Club of Salida is fairly new and still small, we continue to contribute
generously to the Salida community, in addition to the many projects in which we have
participated around the world.